Lazer Markalama Sistemleri ve Tezgahları

TYKMA Electrox produces a wide range of industrial laser engraving machines for product identification. With our diverse set of products, we can provide the perfect-fit solution for any application, material, surface, and composition.

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Minilase™ e

The MLMe fiber laser system is heavy on capability, but lite on investment. The manual front door is lightweight and ergonomic thanks to a spring loaded retraction system.

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Minilase™ Manual

Unpack It. Plug It In. Start Marking. It’s That Simple! No more complicated laser marking systems and expensive service calls. Maintenance-free Minilase™ Manual arrives fully assembled in one box.

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A full featured desktop system featuring a three sided power part loading door. Minilase™ is ideal for single or multiple part marking on all metals, carbide, painted or anodized materials and plastics.

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Minilase XL

MinilaseTM XL offers a larger workspace and an open interior for maximum flexibility in a desktop solution. It is equipped with our ergonomic features such as the three-side pneumatic vertical door, power focal height adjustment and auto-mode for high volume applications.

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A full-size machine that’s maintenance-free, robust and highly flexible. No other system on the market offers more features than Zetalase™.

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Zetalase™ XL

More power and space for maximum flexibility. Zetalase XL can do it all!

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Zetalase™ XLT

Zetalase™ XLT can create expansive graphics and mark parts in minimal cycle time.

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With the ability to run up to four axes, EMS400 is ideal for large tray and part marking.

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Vereo™ Integration Fiber

Ideal for integration, Vereo™ Fiber Laser offers the latest, most advanced features in the industry. A MOPA based fiber engine design allows for high peak power, fast processing times and maximum application flexibility.

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Scorpion Integration Laser

High Precision and Standalone Capability make Scorpion the Ultimate Integration Laser.

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Custom Laser Machines

Need a customized solution? Have large parts or require a special configuration? Check out our custom laser engraving machine capabilities.

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Electrox Laser Marking and Engraving Systems

Electrox brand systems and solutions.

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Minilase™ Keon

A revolutionary design with the flexibility to mark in Class one or four. Minilase™ Keon allows users to engrave small or large parts, all in one machine.

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